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When we aren't "popping up shop" at a public event or in front of one of our favorite local businesses, the Les Bouquets flower cart is available for anything from bachelorette parties and wedding receptions to birthdays and baby showers. We bring the cart (and the flowers, of course!) and your guests get to build their own bouquet as a fun activity and take it home with them as a fabulous party favor.

Each bouquet is hand-wrapped and hand-tied by a Les Bouquets representative who will remain on-site at your event to greet guests and help guide them in the process of creating their own beautiful bouquet. If you would prefer to further customize the experience by curating the flower selection to specific types or by ordering monogrammed stickers, colored ribbon, specialized vases or anything else more personalized, simply let us know and we can get those items sourced for you. 

Please contact us for pricing and more information. 

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